Sports Found at Coffin Bay

When you are discovering the wonders that are found in Coffin Bay, you will find out, just as I did, that there is a wealth surrounding sports and activities there. I had never previously associated Australia with sports as a whole, but when you are traveling or on vacation, you will be amazed at the variety and availability of sporting activities.

Sports on the Water

Australia is essentially an immense island, right? So naturally, it would be full of lots of water sports! Actually just about any water sport you can think of is available to do in Coffin Bay, South Australia, but here is a run-down in case you are curious.

  1. Fishing: Whether you would like to fish on a boat, from the beach, on a rock, or from the jetty, Coffin Bay has a fishing option for you! There is an active wharf in the town square where you can view the fishing boats come in. They fish for crayfish, sharks, and ocean jackets, but there is also a strong market for scallops, octopus, sand crabs, abalone, garfish and more. You can easily commission a fishing boat to go out on a day trip to try your hand at catching fish too.
  2. Boating: Not just boating, but kayaking, sailing, and canoeing is available to do on Coffin Bay. There is a ton of sailing, actually, with trips that allow you to go out onto the water for as long as a week!
  3. Diving and snorkeling: What better way to view the tropical fish under the water than to go snorkeling or scuba diving. There are so many different varieties of sea life in the water, it is truly majestic if you get the opportunity.
  4. Paddle boarding and surfing: As it has caught on popularity-wise, paddle boarding is available to try in Coffin Bay. If this isn’t really your thing, traditional surfing is still available, boasting some of the best waves in the world.
  5. Windsurfing: If you go out on a windy day, wind surfing can be breathtaking in Coffin Bay. There’s nothing like letting the wind blow you across the gorgeous water of the bay.
  6. Swimming: And if all else fails, just go take a swim at the beach!

Sports on the Ground

  1. Cricket: Complete with pitch and practice nets, there is a Cricket Oval available on the Morgan Reserve in Coffin Bay. It’s especially amusing for visitors from countries who don’t typically play cricket, or are unfamiliar with it. Definitely fun to check out.
  2. Golf: at the Coffin Bay Sporting Complex, you will find a 9-hole golf course surrounded by the charming gum trees. The course is complete with greens and alternative blocks. Fun for experienced and new golfers alike.
  3. Bowls: If you don’t know what a bowl is, this may be a confusing term for you. What it is, is actually a groomed lawn that is used primarily for lawn bowling as well as other lawn sports, like croquet. There are 8 rink bowling greens at the Coffin Bay Sporting Complex.
  4. Indoor Bowls: Or if the weather is not so great and you are not interested in being outside, the Community Hall offers indoor lawn bowling ever Friday at 2:00 pm.
  5. Skate Park: While this is perhaps best for the younger crowd. Down at the Morgan reserve, skateboarders can get out and test their skills. Do remember that helmets are required, however.
  6. Tennis: If tennis is your game, you can rent a net at the Morgan Reserve.

In case you are wondering, the Morgan Reserve, fully named Stan Morgan Reserve, is a large park area on Morgan Rd in Coffin Bay. It’s part of the government initial to both boost tourism as well preserve lands, all to the benefit of tourists and locals alike!