Questions? Answers!

Here is a quick breakdown of some frequently asked questions I have received over the years regarding Coffin Bay and Australia.

Why is it called Coffin Bay? The name is not as harrowing as it sounds. There were mass graves or cemeteries there. It is actually named for Sir Isaac Coffin, a naval commander with an unfortunate last name.

Will you see aborigines around Coffin Bay? I get this a lot. No there are not just random tribes of indigenous people roaming around Coffin Bay or most parts of Australia. Australia is a developed country and while it has made great strides in accepting the diversity of the indigenous people, they have also assimilated into Australian culture. And I really don’t like this question anyway. It makes it sounds like the people would be an attraction themselves.

What currency does Australia use? They use their own currency called the Australian dollar. While they are associated still as a commonwealth of Great Britain, they do not follow the British pound.

Does the toilet water really flow in reverse? No. The misconception comes from the Coriolis Effect, which is actually what happens to hurricanes when they move from the northern to southern hemispheres. It does not apply to toilet and sink water though. Toilet water flows whichever way the spout is aimed.

Coffin Bay sounds dull, is there anything fun to do there? I guess it all depends on your definition of ‘fun.” Can you go out and party at Coffin Bay? No go to Melbourne for that. Coffin Bay is more outdoor activities and leisure time. If you want something more profound, you should look elsewhere for your vacation.

Is Australia safe? As safe as any first-world country is. There isn’t anything unusually unsafe about it. When in cities, use common sense. Watch your belongings at tourist spots, don’t travel alone at night, especially if you don’t know where you are going. Just use good judgement and you will be fine.

Is racism an issue? No there is a great amount of diversity in Australia. People from all walks of life are very much represented, so there isn’t any concern there.

Do kangaroos roam the streets? While movies and television have often portrayed this, it is not true. It would be like cows just wandering down the streets of a town aimlessly. It just doesn’t happen, that would be weird. Though there are more circumstances of accidentally hitting a kangaroo, like you would a deer in the States.

Would you suggest moving there? It can be surprisingly difficult to actually move to Australia. They have some pretty intense regulations on homeownership as well as obtaining visas. And you have to pass an English test to even be considered, though the rules on the intensity of the English test have lightened up quite a bit more recently.

What is your favorite thing about Coffin Bay? For me, personally, I love catching and eating the fresh oysters. They are simply delicious and a must-have.