Discover Coffin Bay – Things to do, Places to go

If you are unfamiliar with Coffin Bay, I would love to introduce you. Located in South Australia, Coffin Bay is actually small community, with a small local population. They traditionally grow wheat there, but, when the holiday seasons hit, the small population quadruples. It’s a popular destination for tourists, from Australia and surrounding areas.

While the community is small, there is a lot you can do in Coffin Bay! Here is a list of my all-time favorite sights.

  1. Coffin Bay Lookout: While this may not seem like a big attraction, the view is amazing. When you drive into Coffin Bay, you will see a sign that lists a lookout. Via Oyster Walk, the lookout will show you all of the beauty of the bay, well as long as the day is clear. On a rainy day, the view will be skewed and potentially disappointing. But if you are travelling to the Bay during the hot winter months, your view should be breathtaking!
  2. Point Avoid: If you want to get a good look at the Golden Island, Point Avoid is the place to be. While there isn’t really a path there, you can truck it by foot along the cliff top to take in the view. It’s surprisingly cold here though, so you will definitely want a jacket to keep yourself warm. The wind can also be pretty intense, so I would not recommend going out on Point Avoid during a storm, which is probably how the point was named.
  3. Goin’ Off Safaris: This is a day tour group that will take you out to see all of the sights at Coffin Bay. It keeps everything much simpler, giving you the history of the area while showing you the best views possible. They will be able to show the safe paths to go down as well as the weather conditions that permit the sights and viewpoints.
  4. Oyster Farm: The area is actually really well-known for its seafood trade, including oysters. If you get a chance to visit an oyster farm, you will get to see how the oysters are raised and harvested. And, you will even get to taste a fresh oyster yourself. There is an amazing seafood restaurant nearby called 1802 Restaurant, which will be able to give you not just oysters, but cook up just about any seafood dish that you could ever dream of.
  5. Port Lincoln: Not far from Coffin Bay is Port Lincoln. The coolest thing that you can do here by far is the shark cage experience. You will never be able to see sharks up close in any other comparable capacity. A lot of tourists will check out Port Lincoln on a weekend trip out for Melbourne, due to its intense scenery. There is also several parks in the area, including Whalers Way, Mikkara Station, and Koala Park. Who wouldn’t want to check out some koalas when they go to Australia?

Why would you go?

As it seems like most of the attraction of going to Coffin Bay is just some scenery, there is more to take into mind. Coffin Bay is offering not just some activities like an amusement park, but instead is offering you a complete relaxing vacation. You will be able to separate yourself from the hustle and bustle of city life and let yourself slow down and enjoy the beach environment of Coffin Bay. It is also a great destination for honeymooners, giving you the privacy and quiet that you need to be able to connect with your new spouse as you should be able to. There is really so much to see in the area that you will be amazed. But keep in mind it is not like a city and will not be fast-paced.