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Located only 30 mins from Port Lincoln, the Seafood Capital of Australia, Coffin Bay, boasts some of the freshest premium oysters found anywhere in Australia.  Home to spectacular coastline and abundant wildlife.

Coffin Bay Explorer is a small part of a thriving community.

With a population of only just over 500 permanent residents. Community spirit is an essential part of what helps to make this beautiful place so special.

The oyster growing industry are a fundamental part of Coffin Bay, and provide over 100 jobs to local people.

We are happy to promote local industry, and the important part this plays within our community.
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Photo by Ian Berry

Pristine Oysters


Coffin Bay Oysters are famous throughout Australia and now increasingly worldwide. Farmed in some of the cleanest and nutrient rich waters found anywhere in Australia, the oysters fatten up easily, and grow quickly.

These fascinating shellfish, change sex every year, have 2 hearts, have a sensory system like a radar, are capable of producing a jewel, and are considered a delicacy by people all over the world.

Coffin Bay Explorer gives you the opportunity to sample these oysters pulled straight out of the ocean!!

Baby Dolphin


Dolphin watching is an integral part of our tours. It is extremely rare that a tour goes by and we don’t see these gorgeous creatures.

Our interaction with the dolphins are completely at their discretion.
They are not fed, or enticed in any way, it is completely their choice to stay and play in our bow or swim laps around our boat, which they frequently do, as their familiarity with us grows

We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to team up with dolphin researchers to study and identify, what are becoming known as "The Coffin Bay Dolphins"


Coffin Bay is located on Eyre Peninsula, South Australia.

How to get here:

43km North West from Port Lincoln
approx. 30min driving time.


The government of South Australia is in the process of developing a network of multi use marine parks to help protect and preserve the marine habitat.

Coffin Bay will be included as an area of protection, although most fishing and boating activites will still be able to take place here. These zones will not be finalized until 2011.

As we look to the future it is crucial to allow areas of the the marine environment to replenish, to ensure this incredible and unique area can be still used in future generations.

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