About Me

businessman-607834_1280I first went to Coffin Bay in South Australia on my honeymoon back in 1996. I was completely shocked by the intense beauty of the area. We had originally flown into Melbourne to take a foreign adventure together as a couple, but do it in a country where we could understand the language. Melbourne is amazing. If I didn’t love living in Austin, Texas so much, I could definitely see myself living there. But it was the trip to Coffin Bay that really sealed my marriage. The beauty and serenity allowed my new husband and I to connect on a level that we never had, and I mean that in the cleanest way possible. Without the distractions of television, and keep in mind this was before the cell phone revolution, all we had to do for that weekend was to look at the water, read some books, and enjoy spending time with each other. We even got to go out on a fishing boat!

I have actually traveled pretty far around the world. From Taipei to Paris, I feel like I have made my way around the world. There is really nothing quite like traveling to a new environment to teach you about yourself. And if I’m being totally honest, I think that I experienced more culture shock in Australia than I did in any other country. It is bizarrely unsettling to have everyone sound kind of like you, but use different terms and behave differently than you, even in small ways. But it is when you are presented with these situations that you really learn how you are.

Since my initial trip to Australia, I have actually gone back 5 times, managing that brutal 15-hour flight. Which is extremely painful if you have never crossed the International Date Line. You leave one day and arrive not just 15 hours later, but it can be an entire two days from when you left because of the date change. But you do get that date back when you return home, so don’t feel like you have totally lost out on time.

The worst part of my trip to Australia was my sunburn. I was burnt to a crisp on my first day due to my ignorance with sunscreen. Sure you think about sunscreen sometimes, but I failed to realize the importance of sunscreen even in the shade. Seriously, I was sitting under an umbrella at a café and I fried. I didn’t even know how bad it was until my day went on and I started feeling the pain of it. Aloe does help, but man, that was a truly horrible burn. Also just to note, drinking lots of water will help your sunburned skin.

Well I created this little blog to let others know how amazing Southern Australia truly is. I think it is too often discounted, even though it is a fantastic tourist destination. Get some exposure to a new culture, while immersing yourself in a paradise where they speak your language. Amazing!