Coffin Bay Explorer

  Join us for some outstanding Marine Eco-Adventures in stunning Coffin Bay!

Experience the best Eyre Peninsula has to offer in 3 hours.

Just 30 mins drive from Port Lincoln.

Escape the crowds.

Come Face to Face with Nature....



Our Award winning Seafood and Wildlife Adventures and our new Wild Dolphin Adventures are located in Coffin Bay on the west coast of Eyre Peninsula of South Australia.  An easy 30min drive from Port Lincoln, the Seafood capital of Australia. Our Award winning adventures specialize in cruises exploring the remote coastline of the Coffin Bay National Park.

Darian and Carol Gale have spent many years traveling, studying and working in/on oceans all over Australia and the world.

But what has drawn them back to Coffin Bay is the raw ruggedness of the coastline, the deserted beaches, the abundant wildlife and the pristine waters.

Surrounded by national parks the waters here are clean, wild and pristine, allowing some of the best seafood in the world to flourish, and providing a fantastic habitat for a wide variety of wildlife to live.  Our tours take in some of the states most scenic coastline, amid an array of Dolphins, Seals, Pelicans, Fairy Penguins and other Birdlife.  

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Conservation is extremely important to the survival of the natural beauty and ruggedness of Coffin Bay, it’s waters, and the sea life within it. We have brought acknowledgement of this into all our practices.

We are committed to, reducing pollution and waste, complying with all related legislation and codes of practice, and providing interpretive briefings to create awareness, appreciation and understanding of the environment.



We are extremely passionate about this incredible backyard and are able to deliver to you one of the best ocean / seafood experiences that Australia has to offer.

We are focused on giving all our passengers a natural experience, not one that has been fabricated, but where any interaction between man and mammal is on the terms of the mammals. 

Coffin Bay Explorer is Coffin Bay’s only fully Accredited Marine Tour operator. We take pride in this, and offer a very high standard of personalized service.  Our tours are small and carry a maximum of only 12 passengers.  We can offer exclusive tours and private charters to tailor a tour to suit your individual needs